As the Rooster Crows      September 2019 Vol. 2

      "Opening Prayer"

Father God, we stand today as the latest members in a long line of imperfect disciples. You know how hard we have struggled these past days and weeks. None of us can stand before you sinless.
And yet, you still allow us to approach your throne, knowing that your mercy outweighs our mistakes. Thank you for loving us just as we are, and equipping us with your Spirit so we might become as you are.
It is in the precious name of our Savior, Jesus Christ that we pray.

"Scam Alert targeting Churches"

A texting scheme going around is taking advantage of people’s good faith.  Someone is using contact information from several church’s newsletters to text  members posing as the pastor. They asked for gift card information to be sent, claiming the money would be used for someone hospitalized and in need.
Some of the people recognized it was a scam and some didn’t.

“The reaction many times is surprised, and worried,” said Lt. Jason Jost with the Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Department. Jost says that scams like these are not new.

“We’ve taken approximately 50 calls already this year in regards to different types of scams, so that number is probably low,” said Jost. “I’m sure there are people out there that don’t bother calling law enforcement.”

Jost says the key is for people to be vigilant, learn about the different types of scams, and to investigate a strange call, text, or email on their own before responding to demands.

“They’re playing off of those emotions and they really expect the urgency to take part in the scam so they’re trying to tell people they need this quickly, they need to act now, and unfortunately people fall prey to that,” said Jost.

“Be careful, make certain of what’s going on, but don’t stop loving,” said one Pastor. “Just be a little more careful in how you’re going to love other people maybe.”

Jost says other scams to watch out for include: threats coming from the IRS, Social Security Administration or law enforcement agency claiming you violated the law and demand information or money, mail claiming you’ve won a lottery in another country, or that you are the recipient of a large settlement from someone’s will.  Just use common sense.

  "Fall Walks #29 and #30 Updates"

As of this date, we have eight (8) women and ten (10) men registered. I'm sure many of you have been praying and approaching friends and relatives to go on a Walk, but these numbers represent those who's paperwork and deposits have been received by the Registrar. There is still time to get the registration and sponsor paperwork into our Registrar's hands. Here are links to the Pilgrim Form, Sponsor's Form and Frequently Asked Questions including fees.
Pilgrim Form
Sponsor's Form

There have been questions about Scholarships and the availability for the upcoming walks. Our Scholarship Policy is posted on our website or you can also follow this link to review.

The Prayer Vigil has been posted on our Website for several weeks now and a special Email announcement was sent to all those registered to receive our messages. There are many time slots still open on the Prayer Vigil. Please encourage those in your local church and reunion groups to sign up for times to pray. You can also email friends and family in other areas to sign up for the Prayer Vigil.
We have received some feedback that the form can be a little tricky to complete and is not as easy as the old form. Please don't let technical issues prevent you from signing up to pray. If you just can't get it to work properly for you, click
HELP ME SIGN UP and tell us what time(s) and what date(s) you want to pray for which Walk and we will enter the information for you.

Please join us on Saturday October 5th for the Post Walk Gathering

11 am -- Board of Directors Meeting
1 pm -- Food and Fellowship
1:45 -- Sponsorship Training
2 pm -- Praise and Worship

We do hope you have found this Newsletter both helpful and informative.  If it's important to you, then it's important to us.  Please let us know how you are doing with your Fourth Day, in your local congregation, or in your reunion group.  We will be glad to include your announcement or article in the next edition.  

Let the Rooster Crow

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