As the Rooster Crows      August 2019 Vol. 1

      "I Will Follow"

You probably know the Chris Tomlin popular hit song,  “I Will Follow.” As a Christian, desiring to be a Christ Follower, the words are convicting:
 Where You go, I'll go…Where You stay, I'll stay…When You move, I'll move…I will follow.
All Your ways are good…All Your ways are sure…I will trust in You alone.  Higher than my side…High above my life…I will trust in You alone.
Where You go, I'll go…Where You stay, I'll stay…When You move, I'll move…I will follow.  Who You love, I'll love…How You serve I'll serve…If this life I lose, I will follow You…I will follow You!

In the Gospels of:  Matthew, Mark & Luke, we hear Jesus telling the followers, “34 Then he called the crowd to him along with his disciples and said: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.”  Jesus goes on to tell them that means we treasure following Jesus over our own lives, worldly possessions, family, and worldly identity.  This was a hard message for the followers, and many left as related in the Scriptures.
 How about you and me?  We say we are Christians, followers of Jesus, the Christ.  But do we take it seriously?  Are we really ready to give up family, possessions, identity, and even our own life for the sake of sharing the Gospel.  The Walk to Emmaus teaches us about that call of Jesus on our lives to walk as Christ followers.   It is not easy, and most of us look back and start to resume the lives of our past, prior to our WALK and commitment to Christ to follow.   For me it is a constant struggle, serving God over wife, mother, grandmother, Pastor/leader, etc.  Paul writes about similar, personal/spiritual struggles in Romans 7 and Galatians 5. Reread the words of the song again. 
 Let us strive forward and remember our first love (Jesus).  Pray for God to help us grow in faith to follow our LORD.  When we do, the Spirit sends forth enough peace for the journey ahead; that truth I can give a witness!         

De Colores, Pastor Anita Genrich

"Pay it Forward" ( what one Reunion Group is doing to make a difference.)

It’s “Back to School” sales time and many retailers are deeply discounting the essentials.  Many schools have posted their required materials lists.  Find a materials list from a nearby school and whether you have children or grandchildren to purchase for, buy some of the basics and donate them.  Many teachers purchase materials out of their own pocket just so their students can have the necessary supplies and your generosity can ease everyone’s burden.  When you’re dropping off your donation, make a connection with a teacher or administrator who can keep you apprised of future needs.
If all’s good, consider buying up unsharpened pencils, 70-page notebooks, 12” rulers, and 24 count crayons and donating them to the Midwest Mission Distribution Center for schoolbags for children of the world.  We’ll collect any and all at community gatherings in October, November and December for delivery to MMDC in January.

Ron Vinger – Fox Valley Walk to Emmaus #1 where I sat (dazed and confused) at the Table of Peter.

"Riders in Faith"

Riders in Faith is a group of Christians that believe in God and enjoy traveling around central Wisconsin, sharing the Word and enjoying this beautiful land.  On August 18 we will have a Blessing of the Wheels at Mauston UMC at 11am.  This is for anything on wheels (motorcycles of course, but also bicycles, wheelchairs, cars, trucks, etc).  

After that everyone is invited to ride/drive with us to Rockton, WI for chicken lunch and then continue through the 'driftless area' of WI up through the Mindoro Cut to Black River Falls to Dexterville (ice cream), then down through Necedah back to Mauston before 6pm. It will be a beautiful ride with lots of great Christian fellowship.  (Instead of stopping at bars we stop for ice cream.)

Chicken has to be reserved in advance so please let me know if you want to join us for any, or all, of the day!

Ben Harrison 608-548-4509

  "Community Members on the Move"

Our Brother in Christ, Jay St. Clair has been accepted by the Session of Covenant Community Presbyterian Church in Schofield, WI to enter the Inquirer program.  What is an Inquirer you ask? Enrolling as an Inquirer is the beginning of Jay's program to become a Commissioned Ruling Elder in the Presbyterian Church, USA.  Jay was a Pilgrim on Fox Valley Walk to Emmaus #1 where he sat at the table of Mark, and from that time forward, Jay has felt a strong pull to do more for the Body of Christ.  Please join together as a community to support and pray for Jay as he embarks on this journey to serve Jesus Christ as a Commissioned Ruling Elder.

  "Fall Walks #29 and #30 Updates"

Training for both the Men's and Women's walks will continue on Saturday August 24th at St. Paul UMC in Steven's Point. The first training session was held at The Sparrow's Nest which gave the Conference Room and Agape Teams the opportunity to work out logistical details since this will be our first series of Walks in this venue. Please continue to pray for the teams as they come together and preview their talks.

Speaking of prayers, who are you praying for to enroll as a Pilgrim? As of this date, we have seven (7) women and one (1) man registered. I'm sure there are several others in the works, but these numbers represent those who's paperwork and deposits have been received by the Registrar. Here are links to the Pilgrim Form, Sponsor's Form and Frequently Asked Questions including fees.
Pilgrim Form
Sponsor's Form

There have been questions about Scholarships and the availability for the upcoming walks. Our Scholarship Policy is posted on our website or you can also follow this link to review.

The Prayer Vigil has been posted on our Website for several days now and a special Email announcement was sent to all those registered to receive our messages. Please help spread the word that we need people to sign up for a time slot to pray for our Pilgrims. We had to create this new format since the developer of the form we have used for years is no longer supporting this site. Many other Communities across the country have experienced the same frustration and have had to make alternative arrangements. Please encourage those in your local church and reunion groups to sign up for times to pray. You can also email friends and family in other areas to sign up for the Prayer Vigil.
We have received some feedback that the form can be a little tricky to complete and is not as easy as the old form. Please don't let technical issues prevent you from signing up to pray. If you just can't get it to work properly for you, click HELP ME SIGN UP and tell us what time(s) and what date(s) you want to pray for which Walk and we will enter the information for you.

Please join us on Saturday August 10th for a Community Gathering.

New Hope United Methodist

1950 Dickinson Road

De Pere, WI, 54115

Gathering Schedule:

11 am - Board of Directors Meeting

1 pm - Food and Fellowship

1:45 pm - Sponsorship training

2:00 pm - Praise and Worship

We do hope you have found this Newsletter both helpful and informative.  If it's important to you, then it's important to us.  Please let us know how you are doing with your Fourth Day, in your local congregation, or in your reunion group.  We will be glad to include your announcement or article in the next edition.  

Let the Rooster Crow

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