“Is Jesus worth it?”

    This was the question asked of a Christian who was persecuted for sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. We each need to be asked that same question. Is Jesus worth it when you share your faith? In this crazy time of year when we are bombarded with “Black Friday” sales that are now running all week (and for weeks on end) and it seems every advertisement is about material “wants”, is the love of God as expressed in the gift of eternal life through faith in Jesus the Christ your greatest “want?” More importantly, is Jesus’ love worth sharing?

The Walk to Emmaus weekend is a means by which we can share the unmerited, unwarranted love of
God with those who are seeking to grow in their Christian faith. This instrument of God’s grace is a means for you to support and share the fact that Jesus is worth your prayers, your presence and your gifts. In this season of remembrance and giving, we would ask you to pray for those whom you will ask to attend the next walk, to be present at the upcoming gatherings to support this ministry and then to financially assist in covering the cost of our Communities’ efforts to raise up disciples of Jesus who in turn can proclaim that Jesus is worth it!

We ask that in this season of giving you now consider a gift to FVWTE. Our budget for 2018 will be approximately $32,000. Even with raising the registration fee to $210 for a weekend, that amount does not cover all of the expenses. (Examples of additional expenses are such things as ramps and risers, agape expenses and scholarships for the Walks as well as Community expenses for music licensing, etc.) Donations can be made through your local congregation or directly to FVWTE.

If you would like to donate to the Fox Valley Walk to Emmaus, please download and fill out this giving form and then mail the form and your donation to : FVWTE, ATTN: Treasurer, P.O. Box 12541, Green Bay WI 54307. 

0nline Payments and Donations

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Grace and Peace to you from God our Father and Jesus Christ our Lord,
On Behalf of the Board of Directors: 
Pastor Lon Jury -  Community Spiritual Director