Please read and follow these instructions before you try sign up for either the Men’s or Women’s Prayer Vigils for the Fall 2019 Walks.

The New Prayer Vigil Sign Up Sheets are different that what we have used in the past.  The previous format is no longer supported by the developer.

1.       Click on the button for either Walk shown.

2.       Wait a few seconds for the page to fully load including the Logo at the top of the sheet. If you have trouble seeing the top of the page, hit the “Control and Home” keys simultaneously on a Windows based system or “Command Home” on a Mac. Note: these forms may not work on a mobile device.

3.       Click on the area beside the time you are wanting to pray for the Pilgrims

4.       Some of you will see a “pop up” asking you to edit the worksheet.  Choose to edit and you will then be able to type your name in the area.

5.       Others will be asked how do you want to open the file.  It is a shared file from Microsoft One Drive, so once you enter your email information, you should be able to enter your name.

6.       Tab over to the next area and enter the name of the city where you live.

7.       Hit enter and type your church name.

8.       Close the file and your information will be saved.

9.       Only enter information on vacant time slots not already chosen by someone else.

10.   Unlike the previous Prayer Vigils we have used, you will NOT receive a reminder email concerning the time slot(s) for which you have signed up to pray.  You may either make a note of the times you will be praying, or you can come back to our Website and open the Prayer Vigil to view the time for which you signed up.

11.   If after several attempts to sign up you are still experiencing problems, please follow the link below for assistance.  Be sure to include your name, city, church name and for which Prayer Vigil and time slot(s) you want to sign up. 


Men’s Prayer Vigil is Complete - No more edits allowed