Please take a moment to read the bios of those who have stepped forward and accepted a nomination to the Fox Valley Walk to Emmaus board.  After you have prayed about it, please vote on those you feel God has called to the board.  Only five candidates will be selected for the board. If you would like to vote for the Board of Director nominees below, please download the voting form here.  Then send the completed form to: FVWTE Attention Board Secretary  P.O. Box 12541 Green Bay, WI 54307 OR email to:  Votes will be taken until April 30, 2019. 

Below are the people who have stepped forward to be considered for the Board of Directors:

Jan Brantingham -- Hello, my name is Jan Brantingham, Current board member and Treasurer. The Emmaus experience was transformational for me and my walk with God. I have been active with an accountability group and in the Emmaus community since my Walk in 2013. The Walk brought home the importance of my participating in advancing the word of God and I am willing to go wherever God calls me. I would be honored to serve another term on the Emmaus board and to be an integral part of its delivery of the Emmaus spiritual renewal program, intended to strengthen the local church through the development of Christian disciples and leaders.

Ben Harrison -- Hello, my name is Ben Harrison, FVWTE #15 where I sat at the table of Matthew. After my Pilgrim year I was called to give my time to FVWTE and am now completing my first term on the Board of Directors where I have held the duties of Database (twice) and Registrar. During this time, I have also worked on Team for (3) Men’s Walks serving as Assistant Table Leader, Table Leader and Conference Room Technology. I have a heart to serve and hope to spend another (3) years on the Board where I can continue to use my knowledge and skills for the FVWTE Community and, with your help and approval, I will. Thank you for considering me for renewal to the FVWTE Board of Directors.

Sue Taylor -- My name is Sue Taylor, FVWTE #24, where I sat at the table of Sarah. I am new to the board. I attended the gathering in June of 2018 when new fourth day folks were able to come and observe how the board was run. In August 2018 I took over as Music chair as a HOC Board member. The experience I had on my Walk led me to wanting to be active with serving on the FVWTE Board and/or helping on walks. I hope to serve wherever God leads me. Thank you for considering me as continuing to serve on the FVWTE Board of Directors.  

Jay Hahn --  Hello, my name is Jay Hahn. My FVWTE was #11, where I sat at the table of John. On the walks, I have participated on agape, table assistant, table leader, and assistant lay director. I am just finishing my first term on the FVWTE BOD. I have held the positions of sponsorship, prayer vigil, and am currently assistant lay director. I am a member of Suamico UMC. Over the years, I have held the positions of Treasurer chairperson, SPRC chairperson, Council chairperson, and currently secretary of our building committee. I enjoy singing in our praise band and choir. Please consider me for one of the positions on the FVWTE BOD. Thank you.

Laurie Graber --  Hello, my name is Laurie Graber, I am a person whose passion is to help individuals build and strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ. I serve in the position of Vice President on the Board of directors of Supporting Women in Ministry International. I have been a member of S.W.I.M since 2009. Laurie and her husband, Tom are retired career federal government civil servants. I retired in Feb. 2015 with 34 years of distinguished federal service. Tom retired in December of 2004 with 30 years of federal service with immigration and Naturalization Service, (INS), and with 30 years of military services in the US Army Reserves. We are proud parents of four children and seven grandchildren. I enjoy family time, crafts, quilting and gardening. Tom and I are co-founders of "Acres of Hope Ministry". Tom and my love for the Lord has led us to minister and mentor small groups, (men, women and youth), military personnel and pastors with their families. We plan to continue to serve the Lord as He guides and directs them to those He place in our path.

Bill Gibson --  Hello, my name is Bill Gibson, Athens (GA) Area Walk to Emmaus #23, where I sat at the table of Paul. I was blessed to do my Pilgrim Walk in Athens Georgia as part of the first group of men from Wisconsin who travelled to Georgia to participate in the first outreach walk to help reestablish the Walk to Emmaus in Wisconsin in 2004. I trav3elled back to GA the next year to serve as an Assistant Table Leader and give my first talk (Life of Piety) AAWE #27. After completing my Pilgrim Walk, I served on several teams in various capacities including Kitchen Crew, Agape, Agape Co-Leader, Assistant Table Leader, Table Leader, and Assistant Lay Director on Walks in GA, MN and Fox Valley starting with FV #01. Most recently serving as Assistant Table leader on FV Walk #25. I was away from the community for 4 and half years while my wife (Gwen) and I served as United Methodist Missionaries to Senegal (West Africa). I returned to WI in November 2016 and was asked to serve out the term of a member of the Emmaus Board of Directors at the end of 2017. I firmly believe in progressive leadership and will do whatever I can to help keep the Emmaus community in Wisconsin viable and relevant with God's help and your approval. Thank you for considering me for renewal to the FVWTE Board of Directors

Ed Ramsaroop --  Hello, my name is Ed Ramsaroop, FVWTE #1. I was part of the Original Board of Directors i.e. Steering Committee and helped create our By-laws. During the formulation period, I served on the Education and Reunion Committees. I have participated on several walks as Assistant Table Leader, Table Leader and Assistant Lay Director. I was honored to be affirmed by the Board to serve as Week End Lay Director on the Men’s Walk #29 in the Fall of 2019. Thank you for considering me for a position and for the opportunity to once again serve on the FVWTE Board of Directors

Note to community members: write-in candidates are also welcome, but as a courtesy, please don't surprise anyone.  Please let your desired community member know your intention ask if he or she is willing or able to serve a 3-year term.