If you would like to vote for the Board of Director nominees below, please download the voting form here.  Then send the completed form to cldfvwte@gmail.com.  Votes will be taken until April 15, 2018.  

Below are the people who have stepped forward to be considered for the Board of Directors:

Lynn Humphrey --  Fox Valley Walk to Emmaus #20 where I sat at the Table of Mary. I served as Assistant Table Leader on walk #22 and will be an Assistant Table Leader with a talk on Walk #24. I am a current member of the Sparta United Methodist Church were I serve on the Administrative Council as secretary and member at-large, BASH Coordinator, Mission/Outreach, Nurture,  Women’s Circle and belong to Sparta Emmaus Reunion Group.  I work for a large retail chain as a Personnel Coordinator. 

Greg Zurbuchen -- FVWTE # 5 where I sat at the table of Luke. Hello Emmaus brothers and sisters!  I  humbly ask for your vote of confidence as I seek to run for a term on the Emmaus Board of Directors. I am inspired by the words of our Lord, “ ..no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.” Seeing that type of new birth in people at the closing of a Walk to Emmaus makes everything that we do as an Emmaus Community to support the walks worth the effort!

Sarah Thompson -- Southeastern Kentucky Emmaus Walk #22 where I sat at the Table of Ruth. I went on my walk in Kentucky while working at Red Bird Mission.  I am a member of Algoma Boulevard United Methodist Church in Oshkosh.  Serving on the Board for one term, where I've served as registrar and gatherings rep has given me the opportunity to learn more about the Emmaus Community and to work alongside many of you on the Walks, and I continue to look forward to serving wherever He leads me.  

Jenny Davis --  FVWTE #8,  where I sat at the table of Esther.  I attend Landmark Christian Church in Chippewa Falls where I serve in music and children's ministries. 
I am willing to volunteer on the board in order to serve God and increase the number of pilgrims. I would like to be part of a team that continues to help improve the experience of the walk for pilgrims and volunteers especially in the area of music. 

Scott Donohue --  FVWTE #19 where I sat at the Table of Luke - I attend United Church of Christ in McFarland, WI.   I currently serve as the Agape Representative on the FVWTE Board of Directors. I have sponsored pilgrims on walks #21 and #22 and served as an Agape Team Member on Walk #22.  The Lord blessed me with my FVWTE experience and continues to bless me with quality relationships with the members of the FVWTE community. I am humbled to serve wherever God wants me.

Tracy Donohue --  FVWTE #20 - I am a member of the United Church of Christ in McFarland, WI and am the treasury secretary for our church. Currently I am the assistant secretary on the FVWTE Board of Directors. I have sponsored pilgrims on walks #21 and #22 and served as an Agape Team member on Walk #22. The Walk gave me the gift of spiritual renewal and a hunger for a closer relationship with God. I am willing to serve where God calls me, and will do my best in helping achieve the Walk's mission to develop Christian disciples and leaders.

Dawn Hahn --  FVWTE #12 Table of Sarah.   I have served on the Emmaus Board of Directors for the past three years, with an emphasis on Team Selection.  I have been a member of Suamico UMC since 1991 where I have served in many capacities including worship committee, education committee, taught Sunday school for many years and am involved in the music ministries.  I have been active in the Fox Valley Walk to Emmaus since my walk in 2012 and have a great appreciation for the importance of bringing others to Christ. 

Note to community members: write-in candidates are also welcome, but as a courtesy, please don't surprise anyone.  Please let your desired community member know your intention ask if he or she is willing or able to serve a 3-year term.