If you would like to vote for the Board of Director nominees below, please download the voting form here.  Then send the completed form to cldfvwte@gmail.com.  Votes will be taken until June 7th, 2017.  

Below are the people who have stepped forward to be considered for the Board of Directors:

Bob Warner, FVWTE #13 - I attend Covenant Community Presbyterian Church in Schofield, WI. I am an ordained Deacon and will be ordained a Ruling Elder this June.  I have sponsored pilgrims on walks #17 and #19 and served as Assistant Table Leader on Walk#21. I am willing to serve where God calls me.

Maria Stevens, FVWTE #8 - Maria T. Stevens, I attend New Hope UMC in De Pere.  
In 2010 I participated in FVWTE #8 in Clintonville where I sat at the Table of Esther and I have been active in the Emmaus community ever since.  I attend the Reunion group at Bethany.  I became a member of the Board of Directors for part of the year in 2013.  Currently I am in charge of Reunion Groups. I am willing to serve wherever God calls me.

Chris Nelson, FVWTE #13 - Table of Luke.  Ever since my pilgrim walk, I feel God leading me to do anything I can so others can have the Walk experience.  My wife Joanne and I have been active in the community and for me that’s meant serving on the board the last 3 years, first in sponsorship and now website and communications.  That means sending you all those emails.  I’d be humbled and honored to serve another term on the board to help grow our Emmauscommunity.

Theresa Paul, FVWTE #4 -  I attended BRF United Methodist Church.   I have worked on many Walks as assistant table leader, table leader and assistant lay director.  I am willing to serve were God needs me.

Lynete Lujeck, FVWTE #20 - I attend Borth UMC in Berlin Wi. I have been active in the EmmausCommunity for the past year, serving on walk #22 on the Music Team.  I am willing to serve where God leads me. 

Jonathan Loomis, FVWTE #7   Table of Paul
I attended the Waterloo and Marshall United Methodist Church where my amazing wife is the pastor. Where I help in anyway i am need, no matter the task. Cause no task is to small or too big . I have worked the walks as assistant table leader. I am ready to serve are Lord in any way possible. I have answered God's call by starting the road to ministry. I believe my upbeat and go getting spirit would be a good asset to the board. I live by begin every day by read Jeremiah 29:11 and Hebrews 13:5. :